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Reserved red color. The aroma is with nuances of cherry and vanilla. The taste has a good structure and softness. Finish is juicy and nice.


Intense ruby color. Harmonically tightly wine with a distinctive combination of flavors of sweet red and black fruits. Has specific memorable finish.

BRESTOVITSA Cabernet Sauvignon 2016

Beautiful garnet color. Shades of red fruit and caramel dominate the flavor. Harmonious taste with soft tannins. Finish with a pleasant mellowness and completeness.

Pamid 2017

Pamid is a grape variety which is grown in the Bulgarian lands since the time of the Thracians. It has an exceptional freshness and shines with a sparkling light ruby color. It has airy and harmonious body with subtle fruity flavor. It brings to us tast

ERIGONE Rubin 2016

Exciting wine with intense dark ruby ​​color with purple hues. Unique nose with fruity character with hints of blueberry and ripe red fruits. Harmony of great taste with a soft and smooth feel. The wine has a long, impressive finish. A wonderful accompa

ERIGONE Merlot & Rubin 2012

Ruby color with soft hues. Complex nose with hints of black fruit and vanilla. Buck structure, excellent balance of soft tannins. Long and rich aftertaste.

ERIGONE Cabernet & Merlot 2015

Garnet-red color. Complex nose with hints of vanilla and spices. Well balanced taste. Long finish dominated by dried fruit.


It is characterized by an intense ruby red color, with the development of overtones. Prominently aroma of red berries. Soft tannins add refinement and elegance. The taste is rich and harmonious with an impressive finish.


Garnet-red color with tiles shades. Complex nose with hints of nuts and caramel. Taste has long impact and fine finish.

MAXIMINUS THRAX Cabernet & Rubin 2012

Intense garnet red color with overtones. Rich, complex flavor with hints of black fruits, raisins and nuts. The taste is harmonious and well balanced. Long finish with an impressive aftertaste.

Collection Cabernet Sauvignon 2003

Wine from specially selected grapes in very good for the industry 2003 harvest. After formation of the wine, the best batches aged 24 months in oak barrels of type “barriques”.

Collection Merlot 2003

Made from specially selected grapes in the exclusive 2003. After formation of the wine, the best batches aged 24 months in oak barrels of type “barriques”.

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